A downloadable game for Windows

Entry for Epic Megajam 2019.

This is the last phase of your journey. Journey from the depths of the Abyss, to Life itself. This is a dramatic audio visual surreal experience for the theme of "Down to Earth".


RealityArtsStudio_Welcome.zip 893 MB


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Welp, that was weird. Nice, but weird lol

Very pretty game.

I was not able to get very far. The mouse controls are a lot smoother and easier to work with, but I kept suddenly loosing x axis control. I imagine with an analog stick or more consistent mouse control this would be a lot of fun.

Wow. Really blown away from this experience. Really gave me the Thumper vibes with a little Geiger as well. Just a beautiful experience from start to finish. It's the perfect mix of surreal and beautiful I look for.

That's incredible thank you for your wonderful words and the video!

This is a really nice game. Towards the end it was getting very 2001 Space Odyssey which was cool. I really wanted to explore the surroundings, they were beautifully done.

Hey thanks! And thank you very much for the video!

Great game. It got too laggy for me tho.

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Yeah well there could be lots of thing to do for performance but no time!:))  Edit: By the way we are looking at this video time to time just for laugh:D good luck on subscriptions!

Amazing! just breathtaking

This is looking really incredible! I'll definitely be trying this when I get some free time. What software do you use for Sculpting/modeling?

Hey thanks! Mostly Maya/Zbrush workflow. Crazy Bump for normal&displacement maps.

Ah nice, I've not heard anyone speak about CrazyBump in a while, glad to hear it's still going. :) Outstanding audio and visual design!